[CLOSE] BLACKROUGE Asia Tour PB & DVD “On Your Mark”

안녕하세요! 얼마전 수량조사를 한 대로 민석이 생일에 전해주고픈 원대한(..)목적을 베이스로
아시아투어 포토북 -ON YOUR MARK- 를 제작하게 되었습니다~
생일기념 아투북 같은거라 홈은 따로 만들지 않고 간소하게ㅇㅇ

그리고 곧 다가오는 민석이 생일날을 위해 준비한 이벤트도 있으니 기다려주세요ㅇvㅇ

아래 공지를 꼼꼼히 읽고 신청 해 주세요.

*short means: this goods are prepare to Minseok coming birthday support ^^

For Preorder: 15 ~ 23 january 2015
For General Order: 15 January ~ 26 February 2015
 * You have to make your payments (DP & 2nd payment before pre-order period end in order to receive the pre-order gift)
Shipping: Early April

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Hello, KAI fans 🙂
GLAMSLAM is finally presenting our first Photobook & DVD, ‘BLACK JACK’.
BLACK JACK, inspired by black jack a.k.a. twenty one,
will contain over 250 thick pages of KAI & JONGIN from his debut to 21.
Hope we could cherish together the precious passages of KAI & JONGIN ripening since 2012!

Deposit : 15 Dec 2014 ~ 20 Feb 2015
Delivery : March, 2015

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