[CLOSE] IRIDESCENT BOY 2015 Season Greeting + Diary “ONCE IN A BLUEMOON”

Season’s greeting from IRIDESCENT BOY, ONCE IN A BLUEMOON. IB ask for your love and participation! Thank you!

Schedule Deposit Period: 13 Sept ~ 11 Nov 2014 Shipping : from end of November.
Specification » CALENDAR:Vertical, 150*230mm, 32page±, ALL COLOR, All unreleased fantaking photos » DIARY : Soft window cover, 120*180mm, ALL COLOR, 160pg±, All unreleased fantaking photos

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[CLOSE] Honey B 2015 Season Greeting “HONEY COMBO”

Hello, this is HoneyB.
We are creating “Honey Combo”, goods that will feature a whole bunch of sweet Baekhyun!
Spend the upcoming 2015 with Baekhyun.
Deposit Period: 06 Sept ~ 09 Nov 2014
During December
* Details
Horizontal Desk-size / 230 *150 mm / 32p / Rendezvous paper / ALL COLOR / ALL UNRELEASED PHOTOS
* Gifts:
Polaroid Set (B. ver) / B3 poster (B. ver) / A4 poster / Photocard set / memo pad / anti radiation sticker

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[READY STOCK] Twinned Poison 1st Calendar+Diary “GOOD VIBRATION”

Hello this is Twinned Poison

Wonderful time with Luhan and Sehun
We produce 2015 Calendar and Diary packed full of lovely appearance

Please give attention and love ^^

» Calendar: B5/All color/Vertical version/a half month calendar 56p/Monthblanc Paper/made in Korea

» Diary: 120*170mm/200P/Monthblanc paper
Calendar&Diary include undisclosed photos of domestic schedules and oversea schedules of 2012.4-2014.10

1set weight: about 2Kg

-Payment/Order period: 12 ~ 31 May 2015

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Hello, this is LUHANDAZED.
Wishing that every moment with Luhan would go by slowly, we will be making ‘SLOW MOTION’
Amidst our busy lives, I hope you will spend 2015 in ‘SLOW MOTION’ with Luhan, with LUHANDAZED♡
* Pre-deposit Period : 29 August ~ 14 September 2014

You can join Pre-dep gift with DP first. Plis contact SB for more detail 🙂

* General Period : 29 Aug ~ 24 Oct 2014
* 42HOURS Period : August 29th 2014 4:20PM KST ~ August 31st 2014 10:20AM KST
(Those who pay within the 42HOURS period will receive the 42HOURS special gifts)
* Estimate Shipping : November 2014

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[CLOSE] Crazy Beautiful (CBKAINET) 2015 Calendar and Diary “number 1 & only 1”

Hello, it’s CRAZY BEAUTIFUL. We release 2015 calendar and diary “number 1 & only 1”!
If you wanna buy, plz read the notice carefully.
Thank you ㅂ0ㅂ

»» number 1 calendar
vertical desk type calendar, 182 x 257, all color, about 30 pages, including unrelease photos
♦ for first come 2DAYS: polaroid photo card set
♦ for general period: DVD (undecided running time), photo card pack, post card pack, A3 size poster, pencil, digi-clean, L-holder
»» only 1 diary
120 x 180, all color, soft-cover. about 100 pages, including unrelease photos

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