[CLOSE] HONEYMALLOW 4th Photobook ‘fill you up’

Honeymallow 4th PHOTOBOOK ‘fill you up’
Please give lot of LOVE!! ^_^

⌊Design and Content

» size : A4 Size(20cm * 29.7cm)
» Paper : Soft cover, rendezvous paper
» content : about 190~200 pages (2012 ~ 2014  photos activities/unrevealed photos included.)

» for ALL :  mini DVD, Tarot cards set (22pcs of cards), Photocard, A2 sized bromide,  pamphlet, Kyuhyun Photo fan
» random : Honeymallow tin case
» FiRST-COME 88 : Honeymallow st. MY BOTTLE – Korea 44 / overseas 44 (Total 88) “my bottle”
    * Please observe the time!
» First-bank-in date : 06/ 25 ~ 07/ 01 2014 (17:00 WIB)
» Bank in date  : 06/25 ~ 07/26 2014 (23:59 WIB)
» Estimated delivery date :   the 2nd or 3rd week of August 2014
1 set: IDR 745.000 (include EMS fee)
DP: IDR 445.000


⌈3rd Photobook & DVD  in-stock⌋

*You may buy the photobook and DVD separately
Only Photobook : IDR 605.000      DP : IDR 355.000
→ Paper and content  : Soft cover, Rendezvous paper ,  B5 Size(18.2cm * 25.7cm), 208pages
→ Gift : 5pcs of photocards,  A4folder
Only DVD: IDR 542.000                DP : IDR 342.000
→ 3CD  / 68 tracks / Total running time around 270 minutes / authoring / booklet with track list on it
→ Gift :  5pcs of photocards, A4folder  
Photobook+DVD  SET  : IDR 850.000  DP 550.000
→ Gift : photo cards x 6 , postcard x 3, fanart sticker, round shaped mirror
→ The A4 folder provided for photobook and for DVD are the same.
     If you buy them in Set, 2 folders will be given to you!
*We reserve the right to change the gift if we’re running out of some of them.

Handsome Sunbae Towel

Order with PB/DVD: Please add IDR 115.000  if you’re interested in purchasing the towel together with the photobook.
→ Please write on NOTE [plus towel (quantity)] when you fill order form.
Only Towel : IDR 165.000

Klik DISINI untuk cara pembayaran yang diambil ^_^

– Harga yang tercantum untuk adalah untuk kuota 3 set. Harga kemungkinan bisa turun jika pemesanan melebihi kuota, begitu juga sebaliknya.
– Harga masih bisa berubah berdasarkan nilai tukar $ – IDR

For Order KLIK

Please read Term & Condition before order

‘fill you up’ Photobook Preview

‘my bottle’ Photobook Preview

Just sample pic! The actual style from Honeymallow 🙂

Happy Shopping \o/
Spring Blossom

One thought on “[CLOSE] HONEYMALLOW 4th Photobook ‘fill you up’

  1. say mau nanya preview dvd buat 4th pb honey itu isinya apa? musical the moon that embrace the sun? apa sushow?

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