[CLOSE] Belong To U 1st Photobook + DVD “PARALEL WORLD”

Hi All!! BELONG TO U finally open 1st PB ‘PARALEL WORLD’ which include various pictures of EXO.

We really appreciate all of your supports!

Heartheu heartheu ~♡

PHOTOBOOK: A4 Size/ 300p/ All color/ Approximately 90% unreleased photo from 2012.04.01 till now.

DVD: Runtime undecided

[GIFT ] ((There may be possible changes))

Towel (Pre-deposit ONLY) / Mini-card*13 / A2 size poster*13 / Postcard set (14 pieces) / Drawstring pocket

Estimated weight is 1.5kg/set


Pre-deposit date : 15 ~ 24 February 2014 (15:00 WIB)

Deposit date : 24 February 2014 ~ 29 March 2014 (15:00 WIB)

Estimated delivery time : March 2014

Estimate price: 1set IDR 790.000 (include EMS fee)

DP: IDR 350.000 

klik DISINI untuk cara pembayaran yang diambil =)


– Harga yang tercantum adalah harga estimate untuk kuota 5 set. Jika pemesan melebihi kuota harga kemungkinan bisa turun

– Jika ingin melakukan Pre-deposit pembayaran full payment max tanggal  24 Feb (plis contact us first)

– BTU adalah fansite EXO dari China dan EMS region untuk Indonesia-China berbeda dengan Indonesia-Korea jadi KEMUNGKINAN harga lebih mahal dari rata-rata harga goods fansite Korea ><

For Order KLIK

Please read Term & Condition before order

[PARALEL WORLD Special Photo Preview]





Happy Shopping ^^

Spring Blossom


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